Bagatelles Of Koncsol

Original title:

The 6-movement composition reflects on the poet László Koncsol’s book Bagatelles. The content of the poems, in contrast to the light mood of bagatelle form and the simple lyric, touches on serious themes. This inner tension also characterizes the mood of every movements.


I. Vadak (Wild Animals)
II. Mr. Parkinson
III. Jövőm (My Future)
IV. Idil (Idyll)
V. Búcsú (Farwell)
VI. A lélek (The Spirit)

First preformed:

Marble chamber of the Hungarian Radio
Krisztina Fejes, piano
László Onczay, violoncello


King Matthias wandering

Original title: Mátyás király vándorúton
Opera for children in two acts
Libretto: Zsófia Tallér

I. Act – approximately 35 min
II. Act – approximately 45 min


  • MÁTYÁS KIRÁLY, king – high baritone
  • TIBRILLI, jester – tenor
  • HORDÓ, fat monk – baritone
  • KÓRÓ, skinny monk – contra-tenor or mezzo-soprano breeches role
  • BANDZSA, short knight – bass
  • FINDZSA, tall knight – tenor
  • BÍRÓ URAM, judge – bass
  • BÍRÓ FELESÉGE, judg’es wife – soprano
  • FŐMINISZTER, minister – tenor
  • FŐMINISZTERNÉ, minister’s wife – mezzo-soprano
  • SZÉP CIGÁNYASSZONY, pretty gypsy lady – alto
  • BÚS KATONA, PACZOLAY GYÖRGY, sad soldier – high tenor
  • KAR, NÉP, KATONÁK, choir, people, soldiers – Puppeteers
  • KÉT HAJDÚ, JANCSI GYEREK, ÁRUSOK, 2 mercenary soldiers, Little John, merchants – Soloist form the group of puppeteers
  • KOCSMÁROS, innkeeper – non-singing role


Arrangement (Chamber orchestra):

  • 1 Flute
  • 1 Oboe
  • 1 Clarinet in B flat
  • 1 Bassoon
  • 2 Horns in F
  • 1 Percussionist (Triangulum, Toms, Tambourin)
  • Strings (2, 2, 3, 2, 1)




Round and round and round and round

Reflections for two Purcell act

for music school students

2 violins

Duration: 4 min 30 sec


Songs of innocence

2 pieces for children’s choir and piano, commissioned by the British Kodály Academy in 2017

Lyrics by William BLAKE

I. Spring, Laughing Song (3 min 15 sec)
II. Cradle Song (4 min.)