Two Nocturnes for Four Instruments

Original title:

Két noktürn négy hangszerre

Music for flute, violin, violoncello and piano

Performed at „Nuovi Spazi Musicali“ Contemporary Music Festival, Rome 2004

„CHROMA“ Contemporary Music Festival, Trieste, 2004

In memoriam Bálint Balassi

Original title:

Balassi Bálint nevére

Cantata for soprano voice and orchestra.

First prize at the composer contests by the Hungarian Ministry of Culture and MATÁV Symphonic Orchestra

  1. Psalmus CXLVIII. (duration: 4 min 50 sec)
  2. Ejusdem Generis (duration: 4 min)
  3. Interludium (duration: 3 min)
  4. Aenigma (duration: 3 min 50 sec)
  5. Psalmus XLII. (duration: 5 min 40 sec)
  6. Adj már csendességet (duration: 4 min 50 sec)

First performance:

MATÁV (Hungarian Telekom) Symphonic Orchestra

Soprano solo: Csilla Boros

Piano solo: Alex Szilasi

Conductor:  Márton Rácz