Verhovina madarai

The train to Verkhovina is uncertain, the timetable has been canceled. Adam Brigadier’s son Anatol Korkodus, Adam, awaits barefoot Daniel Vangyeluk at the dilapidated station. Why is Korkodus arrested later? I wonder why the birds disappeared from the area? And what’s the secret to Eronim Mox’s fabulous cookbook? At the dawn of the reader, the reader arrives in the very center of Adam Bodor’s novel world – the center of the periphery of all time, the end of civilization. The subtitle Birds of the Verkhovina are versions for the rest of the day. In the novel, which is built in a panoramic way from smaller story elements and narrative mosaics, human contacts freeze and thaw, culture decomposes into nature, and silence becomes eloquent. “It starts, sighing softly like a distant waterfall, then it starts sizzling, and then, when it’s roaring, raging unbearably, suddenly, as if squirting into you, the whole world is icing on your ear.” – And maybe we’ll never leave Verkhovina. (

Radio drama based on the book by Ádám Bodor.

directed by Péter Gothár