This I wish and nothing more

Original title:  Nincsen nekem vágyam semmi

Rural landscape, open spaces. That’s where Bruno and Mari live. 
They love each other, as in the tales. 
The silence stands still in their house.
 Where does Bruno go on weekdays?
 Bruno and Ringo are male prostitutes on the corso of the big city. 
Ringo, Mari’s brother loves Bruno.
Sticks to him from Monday to Friday.
 Where does Bruno hide from himself every night? A lawyer, a regular guest of the boy, loves Bruno, too. Loves him pure,
giving up everything. He takes care of him, gives him money. Bruno takes it and dissapears. Where is Bruno when not one of them can see him? Bruno doesn’t know anymore whom he loves. Which one of his lives, which city, which person. The chaos has taken over. (

directed by Kornél Mundruczó

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