Fekete lista

The war labor service of the gypsies has so far been largely unexplored by history and military science. The lag was partly due to a lack of resources (documents destroyed or not produced) and partly due to a lack of research. Until the last decades, unfortunately, no recollections or in-depth interviews were held among the survivors, and the documentary also undertakes to fill this gap.
The film presents a slice of the history of the Roma labor service during the Second World War. The survivors tell how they were affected by forced labor, military labor, military service. These types of work, dressed in different robes but essentially the same, meant compulsory unpaid work. If they did not go, they were forcibly taken away. Even in the above framework, their lives were marked by the utmost vulnerability.
The film tells the story of the peculiar fate of a gypsy working class, the treatment and the chances of survival of those who served in it. He is also introduced to the role of the gendarmerie in coercion.

directed by Ágota Varga